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How is the assessment performed?

To perform the assessment touch the left most arrows and then the left most circles, answering the questions, then stepping towards the right until all the questions have been answered. Then click on the right arrow to return to the main screen and repeat the process clicking on the left most arrows and circles, stepping towards the right.

The app may challenge the consistency of your answers as you progress. The app's proposed answers should be treated as indicative rather than definitive. It is up to you to choose how to proceed.

The resulting "heat map" will highlight the areas of strength and weakness of your ability to sell.

How do I save my sessions?

When you exit the app it will save your current session. When you next run the app, you will have the option of choosing your current session or starting a new session. Once you start a new session, your previous session is deleted.

Selecting the sessions icon at the bottom of the screen allows you to save sessions by name. To save a session for future use, enter the name in the text box next to the save button and then touch the save button. If a session already exists with that name it will be overwritten. To open a session, select the session name from the list and touch the open button. To delete a session permanently, select the session name from the list and touch the delete button.

How to print?

To print the display, touch the print icon at the bottom of the screen and wait for the print dialog to appear. Select your printer (must support airprint) and touch print. The display will be printed on a white background with unanswered nodes and links displayed in black rather than white and the other colours are printed as they are displayed.

What to do if the app crashes?

In the unlikely event the app crashes, reopen the app and touch the current session button. The current session is saved on every change so should be as you left it.

What do the colors mean?

The color coding ranges from red having the most negative impact, to yellow having middling impact, to green having most positive impact. The colors in between reflect the degree of the impact. White indicates that the question has not been answered.

Contact us with any other questions via support@assistum.com

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