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Devolution and control


You are the Chief Executive of a large business with many branches - (or a Secretary of State with many departments).

The pace is quickening. Your clients demand results fast. Your competitors are at your door. You know you can't make every decision at the Centre. The Centre is not responsiveness enough. And making decisions centrally won't motivate your troops to go the necessary extra mile.

And yet .... If you devolve decision-making to your people at the sharp end, dealing with customers and suppliers, you may lose control. It may become abdication not delegation. The overall plot may be lost. Best practice won't be shared. You business may be responsive but incoherent. You will lose the advantages of scale, scope and purpose.

You need local responsiveness within a global framework - glocalization.

Now imagine some more ...

Suppose your corporate knowledge - your operating principles, guidelines, rules of thumb, experience - were available on-line to all your people wherever they are in the world.

Suppose they could consult this corporate knowledge when making a decision on sourcing, pricing, design, packaging, hiring, tendering and the other myriad decisions that need to be made to run a business, - with instant access to best practice or a helpful expert. The decision would be their's to make but it would be checked for consistency and documented for possible future review.

Suppose guidelines and best practice could be easily updated and made available instantly worldwide.

You could safely delegate without losing control or commitment and still retain the advantages of scale, scope and purpose.

Amazingly, Assistum can provide you with this capability right now.

It encodes business guidelines including qualitative judgements and tradeoffs and makes them available across the network.

Using a simple question and answer method and coloured diagrams, it guides users to a consistent documented conclusion, linking to webpages containing best practice and contact details for experts at the very point it is needed.

And the corporate knowledge base is easily updated to incorporate new learnings and guidelines.

Ian Lang
Higher Level Systems Ltd
June 1999

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