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How to improve your ability to sell

There are a multitude of books and courses on successful selling.

Many themes appear again and again. Identify the right prospects. Understand and sell the benefits to them. Handle objections well. And most important of course, close the sale.

30 different aspects of successful selling have been identified and presented in a interactive Selling iQ iPad app that is fun to use as well as challenging as it will query any response that appears to be inconsistent with previous answers. It is not your usual book or course but something quite novel.

The key issues it covers are:


You need to be able to find and interest prospective clients not only by use of research but also use of referrals and existing customers. You need a positive attitude (management of fear, posture etc) as well as a good telephone technique.


You need to present well in order to convert a possible interest to a positive desire to buy. This requires the identification of buying motives, good mirroring skills, good use of words avoiding geek speak and limp words as well as a positive attitude.

Handling objections

To bring the sale towards closure, you need to be able to anticipate and handle objections well. As well as a positive attitude and good use of words, this requires excellent listening skills and the ability to store issues . You also need to be good at coming up with creative solutions.

Closing the sale

If you can find, interest, and handle objections but can't close the sale you are wasting your time. Asking for and closing the sale is probably the most important selling ability.

Click here for details of the Selling iQ iPad app.

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